Innovation Pack

We mix pure Google Design Sprint 2.0 with ad-hoc design thinking processes. The design sprint is a powerful and proven formula to crack some of the most complicated problems. Used by some of the most famous and successful companies around the world, it's a quick way to get you from problem to possible solution in only 4 days.

Design Sprint 2.0

The Design Sprint is a series of exercises (fancy stuff like post-its and Jaffa Cakes) for answering business questions and solve critical problems.

Invented by Google and Jake Knapp, the Design Sprints are used daily by companies like Facebook, Google, AirBnB, Lego to innovate and make faster decisions.

Day 1

Align with the team and understand what is the problem to solve

Day 2

Sketch out ideas decide which solution you want to test

Day 3

Make it to fake it. Let’s create a usable prototype to test your idea

Day 4

Test it! Gather feedback from real users, and learn how they react

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The outcome of a Design Sprint 2.0

The outcome is an interactive prototype of your first MVP, a prioritised list of features, and the summary of the four days and the outcome from the usability test.

Is it for you?

We will work with your team to ensure that all the internal knowledge get used to make the project a success.
The innovation pack isn't only good for digital problems but you can use it for physical experiences.

The design sprint is the perfect tool for your team, if you

  • Want to launch a new website, app or a product
  • Have a website, an app or a product and you want to add a new feature
  • Have a website, an app or a product and you have a particular problem (e.g. conversion rate or acquisition dropped)
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